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NAFAS is a consulting company active in the MENA region, in collaboration with experts from all over the world. We cover various fields with special interest in novel technologies and sustainability.

NAFAS Pillars

Technology & Innovation

Business Facilitation

In-Country Value (ICV)

Special Services

Business Technology Mapping (BTM)

A continuous improvement exercise for companies seeking to address business challenges and maximise the value from the budget spent.

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New Technology Introduction Pack

Fit-for-purpose advice to expedite regional market entry through creative ways

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17 Group Idea

Innovation Priming Workshops

Essential workshops in innovation provide knowledge and skills for understanding and applying key innovation concepts.

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Digitalisation Services

Tailored services on leveraging digitalisation to adopt technology and data, enhancing operations and competitiveness, and assessing its impact on jobs.

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Good reasons why NAFAS is your partner of choice

We focus on building on our clients’ skills and strengths, finding opportunities and creating a platform for positive action to achieve their strategic goals.

Stay ahead of technology

In-depth industry experience

Fit-for-purpose innovative solutions

Clients and Partners

Our clients honor us with their collaboration